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The Not-So-Newlywed Game with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel


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1/5 favourite male character :

James Potter



James and Lily at some point, probably


Steggy au + baby names, banter, and revelations 

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there were lots of things you didn’t do

I’ll be a story in your head, but that’s okay, because we’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? Because it was, you know. It was the best.

The Earth is not kind to some people, yet some people are the reason why the Earth stays kind.


Christopher Eccleston in Death and the Compass.

Deserves More Credit….Day Eight….Behind the Scenes



Behind the scenes goodness courtesy of Doctor Who Magazine 2004-2005 and the Doctor Who Annual:Behind the Scenes section (2005)

Chris Eccleston to Dalek (in Dalek voice):  WOULD YOU LIKE SOME PIZZA?

Nick Briggs Dalek voice: “NO BUT I’LL HAVE SOME DALEK BREAD”

Chris likes to sing between takes, so when Joe Ahearne yells ‘From the top please!’, Chris begins to croon:

When you’re knocked on your back/And when you’re down on the bottom, there’s nothing else/But to shout to the top…’ (Style Council)

Nick Briggs joins in with lyrics from The Jam in full on Dalek voice…"I’M ALMOST STONE COLD DEAD IN A TOWN CALLED MALICE…" 

(Both bands were fronted by Paul Weller)

Chris and Billie waiting for filming on the “Unquiet Dead” location, freezing and wearing anoraks.  Chris grabs Billie and starts to dance to keep warm and sings, “Why do birds suddenly appear…?”  He’s so busy singing to her, they both don’t notice the director calling for the actors to get on set.

Noel Clarke:  ”I like people who are open and honest, and with Chris you always knew where you were.  I enjoyed working with him a lot.  He’s a focused actor and a great man….He worked like a dog to give us the best performances week after week, and I for one think he did it well.  Most people agree; some don’t, and I guess that’s their opinion.  To those people, I say, ‘If you you think you can do better, then come on down and try.’”

James Hawkes (director of The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances): “….it was in the middle of January, and it was absolutely freezing, and Chris had to do that sequence with the fairy-dust nanogenes over and over again, and do you know, even then, he gave us his absolute all.  That comes across on screen -his relentless energy, his tireless enthusiasm”

Rob Shearman (writer of Dalek): “I was in Cardiff for the read-through of The Empty Child…I entered the room with a sense of trepidation. ‘Rob Shearman!’ called out a voice over all the hubbub. ‘You’re Rob Shearman!’  And there was Chris. He bounded up with an energy that suggested he hadn’t just spent the entire day filming altogether, and shook my hand vigorously.  As he began telling me, with infectious enthusiasm, how much he’sd loved my Dalek episode, and the holocaust parallels that he could draw from i, it occurred to me that the only way that he could have known what I looked like was that he must have deliberately asked for a description of me before I came in.  He decided he wanted to meet me.

Nick Briggs: “Not all actors make a point of saying ‘hello’ to everyone on the set, or taking the time to chat, whether to the director, the runner, or the bloke who’s visiting from DWM.  But Chris did.  His respect for the people aroundhim is immense, unless, of course, they prove to him otherwise.  His admiration for the crew in Cardiff can be in no doubt.”

Chris’ last filmed scene March 5, 2005 : (the stink of humanity speech to the Emperor Dalek) “The Daleks all shout for the Doctor to stay. (On the run through, Chris raises his middle finger at the Emperor and blows a raspberry...but that wasn’t on tape, so it doesn’t count!)  Instead the Doctor ushers Rose and Jack into the TARDIS, and then, defiantly, steps through the doors himself - for the very last time.  ON the studio floor, you could hear a pin drop. The crew remain frozen.  ’Okay, cut!’, yells Joe, running onto the set. ‘Happy?’ asks Chris, emerging from the TARDIS. ‘Yep,” replies Joe and they embrace.  ’That’s it,’ calls out Steff, the second AD, ‘for Chris, the Doctor, for today and this series.’  The whole studio breaks into rapturous applause.  Tears welled up in Chris’ eyes at the realization. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s filmography:
Nowhere Boy (dir. Sam Taylor-Wood) as John Lennon

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